Anonymous said: Oh, CLEVER. You're a black who read a book. Gonna get your gang to run up on me?




My GANG! Yes, my gang! My gaggle of goons! Let’s see, who does that comprise of:

  1. Of course, my family. My mother, a guidance counselor with two master’s degrees. My father, an internationally renowned strength coach for the winningest college basketball program ever. My little brother, the black man majoring in economics.
  2. Naturally, my boyfriend, right? He’s gotta be in my gang. He’s not a thug, but he’s studying to become a respiratory therapist. So, I guess if he chokes you out, he can put the air back into your lungs.
  3. My best friend, who is a lawyer in Memphis,
  4. My other best friend, who is starting school to be a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner,
  5. My two best friends who I worked at The Proctor and Gamble with, one who went to Duke and is a pastor, the other who went to UNC and is in her last year of medical school,
  6. My best friend who does financial wealth consulting for JP Morgan,
  7. My ‘play brother’ who is a commissioned officer in the navy in Japan,
  8. My law school best guy friend who passed the bar while singing acapella internationally,
  9. My close group of friends from undergrad, Vanderbilt University, a top 20 university that you would never get into,
  10. My tumblr family, who is WAY too big too individually list all of their talent and accomplishments. 

So, yes. That’s my gang, anon. 

I doubt I’d waste all that phenomenal energy on beating your ass. With a crew like this, we have a world to conquer. 

Now that’s how you respond to ignorance!!!!


Love it. .. tell dem.. lovelyandbrown
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Lolol… I remember this scene.. In Coming to America. . The Jewish character. .in the barbershop.

Lolol… I remember this scene.. In Coming to America. . The Jewish character. .in the barbershop.

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Open Kitchen/Dining Area

Love this. .. a woman can dream. .

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Uniforms for the Dedicated SS14 featuring Aiden Shaw

i aspire to posses this aesthetic when im old

this old man clean as hell

Wow.. this man is smoking. . Love that hes wearing his age so well. .

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Critics generally don’t associate Black people with ideas. They see marginal people; they see just another story about Black folks. They regard the whole thing as sociologically interesting perhaps, but very parochial. There’s a notion out in the land that there are human beings one writes about, and then there are Black people or Indians or some other marginal group. If you write about the world from that point of view, somehow it is considered lesser. We are people, not aliens. We live, we love, and we die.
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This. ..

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"Even if we work hard to be a teacher, or a lawyer, or a doctor, we are seen first as outsiders."

This. .

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Do you remember those boys that go to the ‘hood’ and mess with people all for the sake of a “prank”? Well, they went to a radio station for an interview and the hosts there called them out on their racist shit and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Check this video out. 

No damn common sense. ..

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Can’t bisexuals and trans people and all those other “questionables” just wait their turn? Homosexuals have been in line for too long to get their rights, and they’re the only ones working towards the cause.
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*rolling eyes*

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#israel #Palestine #war crimes #bombs

This .

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#israel #Palestine #war crimes #bombs

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